Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutting Expenses and making money...

It is hard to cut expenses when you live so frugally already. But I've managed to cut a couple of more corners. I talked to my daughter's piano teacher and asked if my daughter could cut her lessons back and only go twice a month. She said that would be just fine...this saves us $28 a month. We are stopping our land line phone service which will save us an additional $30 a month. We are going to be 'only' driving my husband's car, not taking our family out for the month of March. In doing this we will save a lot in gas. My car is an Excursion which burns a lot of gas. So, we will put the big kids on a rotation for running errands with either myself or my husband. This way they can go out every so often.

It is all about making sacrifices. We can do it and we will still have a full, wonderful life. Many of the above is not necessary to make our lives great. We often think they are required but there not. Keeping the right perspective in ones life is very important...

Do you remember me saying my living room was filled with boxes of books? Well, so far I've sold $218.00 worth of books in my first week!! Most of it is used curriculum. Curriculum I used with on child that may not have worked well for us or won't work well for the next child in line. I am just happy to have cleaned out some bookshelf space and made some money at the same time...yay!

I recently was given the suggest to write a book about preparedness by some friends. I am sort of a 'preparedness nut' is like a hobby to me. Given all the research I've been doing in preparing my own household, my friends AND husband think I should write a handbook. I am going for it! When my husband came home from his dear Grandfather's funeral he said that God told him I should write a book about preparedness. I about fell over! He was telling me to write a book, just like my friends said just 2 short days! This is going to be quite interesting and it is already exciting for me. I am listening to the Lord, my husband and friends in writing this book. It just makes sense, preparedness is very important to me and I want everyone to be prepared for whatever may come...UNEMPLOYMENT, pandemic, terrorist attack, natural disaster etc... Being prepared is always a good thing.

I still have some books I am trying to sell, so we'll see if those sell this week! This coming week will be a busy one. Since I homeschool my kids, my free time is limited. Throw in writing a book and I'm really going to be busy! I am definitely up for the challenge!

How are you cutting expenses and making money?