Friday, March 13, 2009

Applying for jobs to make ends meet.

Of course my husband is applying for jobs. We are grateful that he can collect unemployment benefits. The hard part for him is to find a 'living wage' job. Meaning a job that pays him enough for us to pay our living expenses. And more than he is collecting in unemployment benefits. That is the stinky part of applying for jobs for him. He can't apply for just any job, like an $8.00/hr job. He needs to focus on a 'living wage' job...ugh.

I am also applying for jobs here and there. The problems I have are my availability. I can't work a lot of hours and the times of day I can work are limited. Due to having seven children at home and homeschooling them. Still, I am applying for some part-time jobs to give us a bit of a cushion financial. Hopefully one of the jobs will work out for me. OR my husband will get a job that will allow me to remain a SAHM like I have been these last 12 years...I am praying in earnest for that!!

My biggest reason for applying for jobs is to get our car paid off. We owe about $2000 on it. Had my husband not lost his job it was to be paid off in May. If I get a job and am able to double up the payment I can get it paid off by the end of June! That would be so awesome! Having that extra money would be so good and then we could focus on other bills. I really don't want to lose the momentum I had in January and in the beginning of February.

I just can't stand knowing how close we were to being debt-free. I want to get those last lingering bills paid off and then pay our house off...that is what I want! So let's keep it going...let's not give up...let's look for another way!!!

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 9, 2009 ya been?

Busy, busy around here it's been. You'd think having your husband home would mean a little RNR for me, nope. With an eight month old there just isn't much free time. That's okay with me. The day will come where she doesn't need me anymore and then I will long for the days of snuggling her and loving on her...I will deeply miss those days.

My selling of used curriculum went very well. I sold $320 all together. I am about to list a few more books so lets pray those sell! My writing project is going slow. I don't know how I thought it would be easy...I do have seven children and am homeschooling two of them. Having my husband home in that regard has been great! He is getting to participate in educating our children...that is a very good thing!

We have been working on our storage room lately. We believe in being prepared for the unexpected events in life. Like unemployment. After living in Florida and going through hurricane season, we learned quickly that it is very important to store food and water. We carried that over into our everyday lives. You just never know when you are going to be snowed in because of a blizzard or there is another terrorist attack like 9/11 but much worse. Anyway, preparedness is a good thing. And for us, it is very important. Because of our preparedness we have plenty of food to last us 6 months, at least.

Having so much stored food leads me back to how we did our first 'NSM'. We could not have been so successful in January if we had to buy food. Now with my husband being unemployed we can't pay off more debt. That makes me sad. I was on such a good roll. I suppose God has other plans for us and I am okay with that. I trust Him and know with every part of my being that He loves me and it is all good.