Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding the good in every situation...

I didn't intend to go so long before posting again after mentioning a plan to getting our debt paid off. We had some serious home issues this last Friday.

What kind of issues you ask? Sewer issues!

Friday was my birthday and my sweet husband took me out for nachos. A cheap but yummy was very thoughtful and I enjoyed his company a lot. As we were leaving the sports bar we received a call from our teenage daughter. She called to tell us there was water in our finished basement!! Now we didn't overreact. We thought she was being a bit dramatic. She wasn't. We could tell by the sight of the water and the 'smell' it was bad!

This last week I've been dealing with our insurance, the clean-up and inventorying everything we've lost. It has been a bitter sweet experience. On the one hand, we are getting paid to do much of the work ourselves. But then we've lost some priceless photos of our children that made me weep. It was very hard for me...

So as we continue the clean-up and begin the repairs, we are praising our Father in heaven for His continued presence in our lives. This flood could have been worse. We still have each other and our health. We have to find the good in this.

One good thing...our insurance is covering all that we lost.