Saturday, June 27, 2009

How are YOU surviving unemployment?

I know many following my blog are dealing with a spouse being unemployed. Which is very hard to do, don't I know it! So, please share with us what you are doing to survive unemployment.

1. How are you paying your bills?

2. How are you dealing with the emotions one feels by being unemployed?

3. If you have children, how much do they know about what is going on?

4. Are you able to preserve your credit or is it in the 'pits'?

5. Have you grown stronger in faith during this trial?

Here are the answers to my own questions...

1. We are paying our bills late each month. I am selling just about anything we don't need. We've had a yard sale and that paid to get our garbage service back. We have some wonderful friends who have blessed us in various ways. There is nothing better than great friends and I feel so fortunate to have 2 GREAT friends. We've received money and gift cards from these friends, with no expectations. It is so humbling because I've always been the giver when we had income. I've always been the one to bless another in need and now I am on the receiving end.

2. It is hard to deal with the emotions of unemployment. We have our days where we are feeling low and hopeless. We have our days when we are feeling full of hope. On the not so good days we do a lot of praying, but we also vent to one another. I think venting can be good to get things off your chest. Just so long as you can come out on the other end feeling relieved. Some can't vent and that is okay. Know your limitations.

3. We have seven children and the four younger ones have no idea what is going on. The three older ones do and we are very open with them about our financial situation. We don't believe in hiding these things from them.

4. Our credit is in the pits. That is just the after effect of a job loss. When I started this blog I was on a strict budget to get our debt paid-off. Not that we had a lot of debt. Just enough that would take us 18months to pay-off. We can't preserve our credit because we don't have enough money coming in. Even with our friends offering financial help, it still isn't enough...but we are grateful for any help that they have given. More than they can ever know.

5. I would say we have definitely grown stronger in our faith. Though it has been rocky at times, we have still grown. The Lord has shown us that our life could be much worse and He has shown us that it is okay to accept help from others. That was a huge step for me to take. We've always worshiped as a family but I think in these last few months our worship time has looked different. We praise the Lord for all things good and bad. I think we sometimes forget to praise Him when things are bad. He knows what is ahead so He could very well be saving us from something much worse. Giving thanks in all situations is what we have been learning.

So friends, share your experience for those who are going through the same thing. Offer words of encouragement and prayers. Lets lift each other up to the Lord...we are stronger in numbers. He hears our prayers. Anything else you'd like to add is welcome, we'd love to hear it.

You are all in my prayers...