Saturday, February 14, 2009

On a No Spend Month until further notice.

Yes, that is right. We will be doing a NSM until further notice...

My husband lost his job on Thursday. I admit I was quite shocked. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked given the current state of the economy. I know many who have also found themselves is so sad. I do praise God for urging me to get a some bills paid off and for storing up some food. Thank you Lord!

Fortunately for us, my husband was given 3 weeks severance pay and he does qualify for unemployment benefits. Though, we are praying he will get a new job in the next couple of weeks. He has to wait to begin any new job until mid March so he can receive all his severance pay. The positive in that, is he can rest a bit. He has worked so very hard these past couple of years and truly needs to rest. BUT!!! While he is resting he will be submitting his resume all over the place looking for another job. He will even do interviews when called for one. So, lets call this a 'job hunting vacation', okay?

I will begin posting on Monday's and Friday's again. I will need some accountability and definitely some encouragement during this time in our family's lives. That means I have to post regularly so I can stay on track and motivated. I am going over our budget this weekend. Monday I will post about expenses I was able to cut and how I am looking to bring in some extra money on my own.



KellieC said...

Sweet Michelle,

Ok....I'm going to talk to the family over lunch here in a minute and let's just see if we can't do this together...alright? While I'm doing better not spending as much....I could be doing WAY better. Praying for you guys during this time. KellieinItalynow from the SL boards

Karen (KayKay) said...

Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry. Glad I saw this here because I think I missed it over on Sonlight. I'll be praying for you guys.

Michelle said...

Thank you Kellie and Karen for your prayers. We do believe that God is with us and had us preparing for this. I am grateful the time I did have.

Hugs to both of you.