Friday, February 20, 2009

A week of adjustments...and books in the living room.

I thought I would be able to come here twice a week to post, but it turns out that may not be possible. Having my husband home really occupies a lot of my time...and that isn't a bad thing. I adore my husband and have missed him dearly these last 2yrs while he has worked for the store. He worked 55-60 hours just about every week, with a few weeks here and there where he only worked 45-50 hours. I have been taking advantage of this situation to be with him more, which in turn keeps me away from the computer. Again, not a bad thing. I will do my best to come here and post. I think once the newness of having him home everyday wears off, things will get back to normal.


I have a lot of books in my living room right now! I am sorting through them so I can sell them. That is the one big thing I am working on to bring in some money. I keep tossing around the idea of getting a job...part-time. It would really have to be a job sent from God because I have little children to care for and the baby is still nursing. Yep, it would have to be a perfect job.

Fortunately, my husband will qualify for unemployment benefits but we are hopeful that he will get another, even better job soon! Selling our books, well some of them would be my way of contributing to our financial situation.

If you have any ideas about making a little money on the side (from home) please post your ideas in the 'comments' section. I'd love to hear them.



mideastmom said...

I know you live in a small, rural area, but is there any chance you could develop a market for your homemade bread? Involve the kids? Have them help with the financial predictions, etc.?